Ancient Greek Flatbread Propyra

Propyra (pronounced propýra) is an ancient Greek flatbread. Its name denotes a brick oven cooking technique: propyra was baked near to the oven’s door and far from the fire. Propyra’s ancient Greek recipe has stood the test of time; Greeks today call it Spetsiotic propyra, as the local islanders of the idyllic Greek island of Spetses continue to bake this flatbread everyday even to this day! Propyra is a wholemeal flatbread generously coated with sesame seeds, sea salt flakes, and freshly ground black pepper. Traditionally, propyra is eaten with almost every meal just like bread. Are you more of a flatbread than a baguette? No matter which type you may prefer, bread is one of our food staples.

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