Sophia Melliar

Hello! I am Sophia. Welcome to Healthy Bread by Sophia!



Cooking is one of my most favorite pastimes. I enjoy good food, trying out new tastes, and experimenting with new recipes.

Healthy Bread by Sophia is steadily growing as I am sharing with you new recipes for all courses steadily. We will healthily cook together main dishes, salads, desserts and many more other recipes! We will create together a daily and weekly meal plan! My plant-based recipes are great for everyone.

A little story about me

I am facing chronic diseases and I have become aware of the fact that a balanced diet helps to manage their symptoms. My health problems have motivated me to research the healthy cooking techniques and the power food combinations. I would like to share the recipes, that I have created after lots of persistent experimentation on my own cooking, with you

I have managed not to alter the essence of my favorite dishes from the Mediterranean and the Constantinople-Pontic cuisine to achieve a cleaner plate; the lighter versions taste as good as the original ones. Healthy Bread by Sophia offers many vegan and vegetarian recipes. My dishes are light and yummy and you do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy them.

Added herbs and spices hold the secret key to unveiling their flavor, aroma, color as well as their healing powers in my recipes. Moreover, I employ healthy cooking techniques. I cook with olive oil and bake mainly with whole grains, whole wheat flour. My desserts are extremely light because I use the minimum amount possible of brown sugar, I add natural sweeteners, they are egg-free and butter-free, so that you can enjoy them without guilt!

Healthy Bread by Sophia is for us who care about the quality of our food

What is quality¹?

  1. It is the satisfaction you get from all senses when you taste a delicious home-cooked meal, when you set eyes on a delectable dish full of fresh ingredients that increase your appetite.
  2. It is the easy meal which is made with abundant seasonal vegetables and can be stored and preserved.
  3. It is the nutritious food that is digestible and hearty.
  4. It is the ethical food. It can be made entirely with certified organic ingredients or with domestic farm food products. Nowadays people become more and more mindful when eating their food; they are aware of the fact that eating habits and choices have impacted the environment greatly.

My recipes are simple and are recommended to those inexperienced in the kitchen. Cooking is soothing, entertaining and encourages creative; cooking that brings people closer together.

Healthy Bread by Sophia will give you ideas to:

  1. Help you organize your grocery list.
  2. Speed up your trips to the market.
  3. Consume more fruits and vegetables that are in season and are much more affordable than those available year-round.
  4. Reduce the amount of food tossed out

At the same time you and your loved ones will be eating cleaner.

Let’s cook together!


¹ Pocket Atlas of Nutrition, Biesalski Hans – Konrad, Grimm Peter, Thieme (2005)