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Thanksgiving dinner menu
Find the perfect Thanksgiving dishes with Healthy Bread by Sophia! Plan a vegan Thanksgiving dinner menu with these recipes, including aperitif cocktails; starter/appetizer; main dish; and dessert, that will impress everyone at the table!
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Pear sorbet pink (rosé) champagne cocktail

Pomegranate-pink grapefruit pink (rosé) champagne cocktail

Pears, pomegranates, pink grapefruits are some of the most quintessential tastes of fall and winter. Pear sorbet pink champagne cocktail is an extremely interesting cocktail that can be a fabulous companion to any meal. Your guests will enjoy the play of pear and lemon between the pear sorbet pink champagne cocktail and the starter/appetizer recipe, Sophia's roasted carrots. Pomegranate-pink grapefruit pink champagne cocktail is a must have aperitif. This is a very simple aperitif that goes along with almost any meal. Pomegranate-pink grapefruit pink champagne cocktail is a very light and refreshing cocktail that can kick off a meal in style!



Sophia's roasted carrots

Molasses roasted carrots with fresh lemon thyme is an easy, vegan, gluten-free starter/appetizer and a versatile side dish that will pair perfectly with anything. Sophia's roasted carrots are infused with unparalleled aromas and flavors.


Main Dish

Festive chestnut and mushroom stew

Indulge yourself with the festive chestnut and mushroom stew, while you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends; this is the perfect vegan and gluten-free main dish! Chestnut and mushroom stew is the quintessence of winter flavors: savory chestnuts, sweet baby onions, rich-fleshed winter tomatoes and earthy mushrooms combined with an oriental aroma of spices.



Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Chocolate whiskey cake is infused with plenty of whiskey and has the richest drizzle of dark chocolate and whiskey ganache. This is the most decadent chocolate cake and a true privilege for the most discerning palates.


Thanksgiving dinner menu

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